Lutronic Corporation
Chairman Haelyung Hwang

In the 1990’s, Lutronic developed and sold an innovative Q-switched ND:YAG laser. Due to the incredible reliability, performance and clinical results, that system is still the best-selling system in the world. Three decades later, we offer over 20 robust energy-based devices, and have over 35,000 systems installed.

But we won’t sit back to bask in our achievements.

In fact, we are raising the bar by creating a new paradigm: Intelligent Design for Intelligent Care™. Herein, we harness the power of our engineers, clinical researchers, and ergonomic experts to leverage our Intellectual Properties and incorporate new methods to develop systems which provide better care and outcomes.

  • AWARD-WINNING AESTHETIC SYSTEMS: Our aesthetic devices have won design awards for their industrial design, innovation, and clinical effectiveness.

Leaving no element unstudied, we meticulously design user interfaces and handpieces to fully optimise clinician interaction to enhance their patient’s experience.

We are committed to provide not only the world’s best products, but also continue providing the world’s best service and support. We look forward to sharing our bright future.

Haelyung Hwang, CEO Lutronic Corporation