Intelligent RF Delivery Platform
  • The Next Generation of 3D Fractional Volumization
  • Proprietary Tissue Intelligence
  • The Next Generation of 3D Fractional Volumization
  • The Next Generation of 3D Fractional Volumization


Intelligent RF Delivery Platform
  • Precise control over coagulation
  • Proprietary Tissue Intelligence
  • Real-time energy delivery feedback system
  • More comfortable treatments

Precision is Confidence



  • State-of-the-art proprietary handpiece, motor and needle designed for quick, clean and precise needle insertion
  • More comfort in every pulse


  • Eliminates the guess work – Thousands of clinical tests provide optimised protocols for each skin type and age
  • Only system to measure delivered energy


  • Proprietary impedance feedback and control system ensures precise and comfortable energy delivery


  • 7 years of experience and millions of dollars invested in every pulse
  • Expandable and upgradeable platform

Precise Coagulation Right Where You Need It

Coagulation results in the regeneration of collagen and elastin, improving scars, skin texture, wrinkles and laxity anywhere on the body including:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Axilla
  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Knees and thighs
First generation devices delivered uncontrolled and imprecise energy
Precise energy delivery achieves the level of coagulation change for long term visible results

Results without the Pain & Downtime

Images Courtesy of Roy Geronemus, MD


 “A new paradigm in RF energy delivery, Genius’ proprietary technology provides real-time feedback for customized, comfortable treatments.”

Victor Ross, MD

“Genius allows me to provide patients with truly precise and customized treatments with less pain. My patients love their dramatic and long lasting results and the quick recovery makes the procedure easily tolerated. I love that I can treat skin of all colors and target skin anywhere on the body so that I can rebuild collagen to effect the appearance of scars, laxity, texture and wrinkles*.”

Steven Weiner, MD

Victor Ross, MD

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