Power and Versatility for Advanced
Treatments and Mastery Over Difficult Cases
  • Dual Pulse Duration Pico (450 ps) and Nanosecond (2 ns)
  • High energy output 800mJ (1.8 GW)
  • Four Wavelengths and 6 Handpieces for Best Versatility
  • Wide Range of Precisely Controlled Fluence Options
  • Light and ergonomic S-Arm


Power and Versatility for Advanced
Treatments and Mastery Over Difficult Cases
  • Highest Power of Any Multi-Wavelength Picosecond Laser
  • Shorter Pulses (450ps) – Reduced Pain & Erythema
  • Best of Nanosecond & Picosecond Pulse Durations
  • Advanced Proprietary Technology & Elegant Ergonomics
  • Proven Performance & Reliability
  • Proprietary Hollywood PicoPeel™

Proven Efficient Treating of Melasma

The number one maker of Nd:YAG technology is delivering the next evolution of premium platforms.
PicoPlus is proven predictable and suitable for the treatment of melasma. It has the range of pulse width, power and wavelengths to allow you mastery over even the most difficult cases.

  • 1st MFDS approved device for treating melasma
  • Published results in Lasers in Surgery and Medicine; September 2017 issue

Provide the Results your Patients Demand

PicoPlus provides the treatment versatility, precise fluence and pulse control needed to achieve the results your patients want, regardless of difficulty.

Broad Range of Applications

Specialty Treatments

  • Pico Toning
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Gold Toning
  • RuVY Touch
  • Focused Toning
  • Dual Focused Toning



  • Tattoo (multi-colored & black)
  • Skin Rejuvenation
    (Cold Rejuvenation) including:
    – Wrinkle and Acne scars
    – Pores

Applications Cont.

  • Pigmentary issues such as:
    – Melasma
    – PIH
    – Nevus of Ota
    – ABNOM
    – Lentigo
    – Freckles
    – Seborrheic Keratosis
    – Cafe-au-lait
  • Redness issues such as:
    – Post-acne Erythema
    – Inflammatory Acne
    – Telangiectasia
    – Facial Flushing
    – Rosacea

*Individual results may vary

Innovative Skin Rejuvenation

PicoPlus Dual Focused Dots causes a strong photo-mechanical disruption creating LIOB (Laser Induced Optical Breakdown) in the dermis or around the dermal-epidermal junction, while leaving the epidermis intact.

Variety of Handpieces Available

Why PicoPlus?

  • High energy output 800 mJ (1.8 GW peak power) while still providing stable low energy output
  • Dual pulse mode of Pico (450 ps) and Nano-second (2 ns)
  • Four wavelengths for best versatility
  • Wide-range of precisely controllable fluence options
  • 6 handpieces (including 2 type fractional handpieces)
  • Convenient features, such as built-in storage
  • Lighter convenient New S-Arm

Experts Agree, PicoPlus Provides an Advantage

“the system offers many other benefits, including pigment removal, rejuvenation and laser facial toning. The user interface is very friendly and comes with a toggle function for adjusting fluence energy settings very easily. Settings can be adjusted at any stage of treatment and the warm up time is very quick.”

Dr. Saleem Loghdey, Australia

Before & Afters

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